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Stella – Catálogo 2019



Stella is a premium bicycle brand based in Gijón (Spain), which makes and customizes its own bicycles.
Stella is a brand for people who love bicycles, and who understand bicycles as beautiful and useful machines, perfectly configurable to each user, and adopt cycling as a way of life.

The commissioned catalogue by Stella is part of a global strategy, with the aim of breaking into the international market, preserving its craft essence. It will also present a restyling of the original brand, making it more accessible to the international market. 

The annual catalogue has been complemented by some temporary applications, which reinforce the aesthetic system for this catalogue.


Art Direction
Editorial Design


The mosaics and compositions formed by bike pieces make reference to the craft spirit of Stella, and the idea of building and personalization.

A different color is used for each of the four groups of bicycles (Road, Off-Road, Fitness and Urban), reminiscent of the Olympic colors, usually used in cycling.

The catalogue is shown in the Spanish version.

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Sergio Paqué – 2019

Stella – Catálogo 2019