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    The brief was to pick a tourist attraction and design a website and leaflet for the chosen attraction.
For this project we had to pick a local tourist attraction of our choice and create a website with it from HTML and CSS. I picked Jane Austen's House Museum in Chawton which was local to my home town as it was different to anything I have already done. Jane Austen is the author of world wide famous books such as 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Emma'. It's a very traditional tourist attraction so I wanted to keep that tradition and age there, but at the same time bring Jane Austen into the modern world as the original website is very aged and poorly designed and the attraction is seen to for a very particular target audience. By adding a modern twist on it with striking photography, accompanying typography and minimal geometric shapes it gave a new impression and a fresh feel to the museum.
As an accompanyment, we had to produce a leaflet for the tourist attraction. I wanted my leaflet to give a keepsake effect to the customer to want to keep. To do this, I made it shaped like a book to communicate the idea of Jane Austen as an author. I also added extra page layers of tracing paper to add textures. On these, i repeated the title of that spread to add emphasis and also a frame ike shape to the imagery to give the idea of a window peek into Jane Austen's past life.
see www.saracane.co.uk for the website it its working entirity.