We where invited to talk at year Design vs Music. This is an annual design event in Tromsø, created by Tank design and Grafill. We got to share the stage with the great motion agency Dvein from Barcelona. Former talkers on this event have been Sagmeister, Non Format, Scott Hansen and Grandpeople, to mention some. 

We also designed the event poster. We built a concept around the word vs-versus which is often used in boxing fights and such. It's design vs music and I'm not sure who's winning. We wanted a surreal and strange spirit for the visual so we worked with a model to get it right. 

For the type treatment we brought in vs number two, we really wanted to make a naive and rough contrast to the drawn subject where the technique is very realistic and detailed. The effect on the type is fluor color+reflex on top, so it will light up nicely in the dark north/Tromsø. 
Type inspiration