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Butterfly Defect
Butterfly Defect

Studies have shown that insect populations have been rapidly decreasing over the past decades. With insects forming a key link in our ecosystem this development endangers biodiversity in general.

In the past 25 years alone, 50% of all butterflies have disappeared from Europe´s meadows. One of the main reasons is the ongoing reduction of their habitat: flowering meadows…

Together with the renowned scientist Dr. Matthias Nuß we had the chance to work on a short animated film adressing what could be one of the major challenges to mankind: Preventing this “ecological Armaggedon” from happening.

German version:

Client: Senckenberg Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden
Production: schnellebuntebilder
Design, Direction, Animation: Robert Pohle & Uli Streckenbach
Scientific Advisor: Dr. Matthias Nuß
Music: Leonard Petersen
Sounddesign & Mix: Kling Klang Klong
Narrator: Alison Rippier
Butterfly Defect
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Multiple Owners
Uli Streckenbach