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Welcome to Veggo jungle!


The task was to create a wall illustration (2700x2860 mm) for the interior of new Veggo shop premises. The wall covered by illustration should serve as a background for taking a photograph to Instagram and be an important object to attract people to come in and know more about Veggo products.


An idea was to bring more exotics in a shop and to create something unsual. A customer did not want to see motives that surround us every day and suggested to try visualize the jungle. So, my aim was to find the view which involves and gives some emotions to a perceiver.

And the visual journey begins...


1st step

This time the process from the very beginning till the end gave me a lot practices how to develop the idea in both ways — mental and visual — parallely. 
The aim of this part of the process was to find a right ratio between the illustration and a perceiver.
Firstly, I have made a lot of sketches after visual analysis of the jungle. In order to reveal the emotion, I had to sense that special environment as like I was there. Also, I always had in my mind, where the person should stand while he or she takes a photo. So, I created small shemes and accoding to them draw several compositions. And finally, I made a quick colored drawing, because to feel the jungle even more.

After this, a customer decided that he wanted to see less animals, more leaves in the top of the composition and some flowers or fruits.
2nd step
I have made many changes according to the notes of a customer. Compositions became more 'jungle', with a sense of freedom, more alive and playful as well.
In order to make a harmonic compositions, there were selected two characters: Scarlet macaw and Chameleon. While I was drawing them I imagined how they communicate with a person standing near the wall.

This time, the customer decided to select a composition number 5 and asked to convey even more emotion that the jungle can give and that each perceiver could feel like beeing there, surrounded by leaves of banana and other plants of the jungle. So — more plants, more secret, more wrapping. 
3rd step
This part of the process could be called a medium.
After notes of the customer, I have created five compositions of the selected one. I have focused on emotion that the illustration brings. In this way the amount of plants and the effect of light were main factors of the mood. 
On this time I gained more practice how to make sketches quickly and keeping an emotion at the same time. 

So, and what the customer has said this time?
The first version of developed composition which reveals a sense of plant tunnel and involves a perceiver.
This composition became as the basic one achieving the final result.
Other four compositions, four different atmospheres of jungle:
1st image: more light, more space and a playful brush stroke in order to take an attention on text.
2nd image: the third version of selected composition.The balance of light and filled place of drawing.
3rd image: an effect of light which comes in the first plan of composition and brings more cosiness to illustration.
4th image: more palm trees appear in the second plan of composition and reveal even more sense of jungle.
After this stage of the process, finally, the customer decided to choose two compositions: the first and the second one. 
The basic of the final illustration was the first composition. Some elements, like a yellow brush stroke with #veggoshop and playful palm trees on the mountains, were taken from the second illustration.
At last the customer added that he wants to see more light on the  surface of the river.
After these notes the process of making the final result has begun.

1st step
In the very beginning of making the final illustration, I have created a fragment of composition in order to check out how to reveal a color palette and drawing manners using vector graphics. This solution was initiated after encounter with some technical problems working with a such big size document. 
This resolve had an influence for some changes of the graphic style.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
2nd step
​​​​​​​After drawing a Scarlet macaw I asked the customer if the style is appropriate. And after 'Yes' I have spent many ours of making almost 9m² illustration in M1:1 and improving the new way of drawing. I love finding something new while I am creating and this time a manner of filling up illustration with colors. I called this style 'wild, free and fresh'.
​​​​​​​Some details of the illustration. The main characters of composition.
​​​​​​​Water. It is one of the most complicated motives in illustration. As You see, in order to reveal its naturalness the intuition comes first covering with colors this part of a drawing.

This illustration for Veggo brand was absolutely one of the biggest challenge for me. I am happy to have such opportunity to reveal the creativity and to achieve a person this way. 
Thanks for all Veggo team for your trust!

Thanks for watching this project !  |  Ačiū !


This illustration for Veggo brand was absolutely one of the biggest challenge for me. I am happy to have such opportunity to reveal the creativit Read More


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