Plazma Air Cleaner in the closet

Year : 2017
Client : Im- Healthcare.

"Plazma cleaner" is designed by Design StoryLAB. Plazma cleaner is a product for removing bad smell in closet .When you put this air cleaner in your closet, the product will absorb the bad smell and stink from the closet and clean it. 
Design Language : Square Line​​​​​​​ 
We have tried to find the right shape to use this product in the closet. During the sketch we notice that almost all of closet have a square shape. That is the standard of closet. Therefore we come up with that square is suitable for this Air cleaner. And the other part we've thought what can we find another material and that is the leather. So we've mixed these 'square shape' and 'leather'.

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Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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Designed by Design STORYLAB

Plazma Air Cleaner