International Theatre Festival DIFFERENT SITUATIONS 2
International Theatre Festival "Different Situations 2"
- Branding -
This project is branding of the second edition of the International Theatre Festival Different Situations. The layout is very minimalist, both in terms of graphic and formal means, as well as colour scheme practically reduced to black and white. Both of the colours are synonyms of the light and the shadow, which build an alternative, minimalistic theatrical area for a performance. The conscious elimination of colour promotes concentration on the most significant things. By means of these two visibly contradictory and contrasting values the simplicity of the project was additionally improved. The simplicity of form and colour corresponds with the assumption of the event, which was to present theatre as an art based of pure and simple presence of an actor, deprecating unnecessary splendour of spectacular effects. Playing with the form of diverse solids reflects the name of the festival - “Different Situations”.