After half a year of culinary and experimental travels, we created E150-a, a magazine designed to take 
the reader on a journey. From Dusseldorf via Berlin to New York, Eindhoven and Giessen – our journey 
was colorful, loud, exhausting and very inspiring. We want to share this experience with the readers. 
E150-a critically questions the large topic of "food", leaves room for the positive and deals with current 
trends. We want to capture the zeitgeist of food and present it in a graphically appealing way.

We all love to eat  we have to eat to survive, but how will our eating behaviors change in the future so 
that we can continue to enjoy ourselves? How do designers deal with the topic of food? Why do some 
things disgust ourselves and with others we do not hesitate to put in our mouths? Why do we even use cutlery when we have two healthy hands? Meat or meatless? Role distribution at the table?  Many 
questions and topics which we have asked ourselves and which continue to occupy us are addressed 
and dealt with in the magazine.

On our trip to this magazine, we talked to a lot of interesting people, heard different opinions, went to 
different places to discover new trends and, of course, tried everything that was put in front of our mouths.
We took photos, organized a workshop, addressed an open call to various designers and tried so hard to immerse ourselves in the topic of food.

For printing we have found a special paper that contains food waste and thus fits thematically and 
haptically to our topic.

Printing: Risograph / Indigo Digital
Format: 18,7 x 24,8 cm
Binding: adhesive  
Number of pages: 146
Paper: Metapaper Recycling Silk 130 gr/m3, Favini Crush Paper 130 gr/m3, Chromolux 300 
Cover Font: GT America, Serifebabe

Thanks and good appetite!
Lena & Johanna
Instagram: @abracradama



After half a year of culinary and experimental travels, we created E150-a, a magazine designed to take the reader on a journey. From Dusseldorf v Read More