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    To create a new layout of the first issue for 2022NQ ( University Project)
Poster to support the magazine 
Leaflet which is on the back of the poster 
For my first project into my final year at University. We were given a task off to re-layout the 2022NQ first issue. This was really fun and exciting as we got to visit the actual launch night of the first issue and be able to meet professional creatives as well as soak up the atmosphere for our research. I based my theme around the colours that were currently in 2022NQ within the lights and the arrows represent a point of meeting as it was our chance as students to meet creatives so I based that point and extented it into a triangle. 
The last two images are of a poster where I used a quote from an Illustrator artist Jamie O'Connell which had a current exhibition on at 2022NQ and the last image is of the leaflet information, which is on the back of the poster. So when opening the leaflet you reveal a poster on the back.