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    Brand identity for PlayGround Studio.
PlayGround Studio
The task was to create a complete visual identity for PlayGround Studio - a mobile games developing company focusing on simple and addictive interactive games. The idea was to create a logotype with a graphic element that could be used on its own. We decided on the concept of children's play area where all sorts of recreational equipments are installed, focusing on only a single item to be used as the graphic element. We felt the slide was the most obvious and simplest form which the target audience would easily identify and relate to. Added to the mix is a visual reference to the infinity sign which suggest an infinite amount of creativity, knowledge and technology. We also wanted the logo to be fun by using different striking and bright colors. Experience mobile games at a whole new level of fun with PlayGround Studio!
Monotone + Reverse versions.
Mobile app icons.
Corporate typography.
Corporate colors.
Business card - back.
Business card - front.
Stationery set.
Game logos.
Game icons - reverse.
Tablet app icons.
Tablet interaction.
Mobile screens.
Polo tee design.
Car wrap.
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