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Vizoovet for KCS
Vizoovet - It's what's new in KCS therapy. Relief for Dry Eye
Vizoovet - This  unaltered image is "California", a 10 year patient for KCS .Her owner sent it to me.  Her Ophthalmologist Dr. Lanuza had just stopped prescribing Tacrolimus and started her on Vizoovet Protect. The difference in her eye as seen on left (blazing red) then on the right is only 5 days! And Vizoovet costs considerably less. Some of the difference is that Vizoovet doesn't cause irritation one of the benefits is what Vizoovet doesn't do.
Vizoovet is for KCS and other ocular surface disorders. In many cases in place of  Cyclosporin Tacrolimus and ophthalmic antibiotics with corticosteroid drops. Such is the following case of a bulldog named California :

Vizoovet is available form Spot-on Specialties, Victor Medical Supply and Miller Vet Supply and on the site listed below.
These images have not been altered in any way other than size. They were texted to me by the client who's pet's therapy was switched from Tacrolimus to Vizoovet and still is under the care of an Veterinary Ophthalmologist. The comments in the following text boxes were from the messages I was receiving from the California's owner. They came as a surprise during the MWVOS meeting in Chicago while Dr. Koch was lecturing!
Here's California today 6/3. She's on Vizoovet and nothing else. Her owner states "She is doing excellent thanks for asking. Her eyes are very comfortable.."
Vizoovet is being used already by numerous Ophthalmologists 102 that I know of so far and Vizoovet has only been available for 16 months to them..  At every meeting the number is growing, here's why: This dog has had KCS for 10 years. It was on Tacrolimus. The Ophthalmologist stopped the TAC and started Vizoovet. 
This is Rick Lanuza DACVO's client "California"pictured above and below. Notice the difference in inflammation and redness in just a few days:
Email from California's owner. I received all this at an Ophthalmologist meeting in Chicago, perfect timing!
The difference is VIZOOVET (above)
5 Days after ending Tacrolimus and beginning VIZOOVET
March 20th update from Jesus Delgado, California's owner. Not only does she go to the mailbox to pick up her Vizoovet in the following video, she's completely off everything for her KCS except Vizoovet. Jesus tells me she's doing great.
Use Vizoovet for any ocular surface disorder. In the following case is "Snickers" who was suffering from blepharitis. The owner said he was planting his eye on the carpet and running in circles before starting Vizoovet. The time between the two pictures was 26 hours. 
Eye Care for Animal founder, Ruben Merideth DACVO explained to me that the shelters don't have the money for cyclosporin, corticosteroids and analgesics and antibiotics, that Vizoovet provides an affordable option for them and that's where he's using it.
Efficacy of VizooVet in improving clinical signs of keratoconjunctivitis sicca in dogs: a pilot study 
A. To determine the effect of VizooVet eye drops on the clinical signs of             keratoconjunctivitis sicca in dogs.
B. To determine if VizooVet positively affects STT-1 and TFBUT values as   compared to OTC lubricant eye drops.
VizooVet will show lower overall clinical symptom scores and improved STT-1 and TFBUT values in dogs with keratoconjunctivitis sicca as compared to OTC lubricant eye drops.
Background and Significance: 
Recently, natural medical remedies have shown a huge upswing in popularity in both human and veterinary medicine. VizooVet is an all-natural eye drop designed to improve clinical symptoms associated with ocular surface disease in animals. It is provided in individual ampules with absence of preservatives. It contains propolis, aloe vera, and chamomile and claims that these natural ingredients provide protection of the ocular surface and reduce clinical symptoms of ocular discomfort. Propolis is a specific type of bees wax which has been shown to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and immune stimulating properties. Aloe vera contains aloins and emodins and has been used for centuries to soothe irritated tissues and provide surface protection. Chamomile contains alfa-bisabolos and zulens that has been shown to be antiseptic and antispasmotic. Peruccio C, performed a pilot study assessing VizooVet in the ability to improve clinical symptoms of ocular surface disease in dogs  and cats. In that study, most patients showed a significant improvement in clinical symptoms, however, one dog required cessation of treatment for increased irritation.
Study design: Prospective clinical
Materials and Methods: 
A. Study group
a. 5-10 dogs
Diagnosed with keratoconjunctivitis sicca
i. STT-1 values less than 15 mm/min
ii. Clinical signs of ocular discharge, conjunctival hyperemia, and non-ulcerative keratitis
C. Examination by DACVO
i. Clinical examination
ii. Photographic documentation
iii. STT-1 (mm/min)
iv. IOP (mm Hg)
1. TonoPen
v. Fluorescein stain
1. Evaluate for ulcerative keratitis
2. TFBUT (seconds)
vi. Slit lamp biomicroscopy
vii. Fundic evaluation
d. Treatment
i. Tacrolimus 0.03% aqueous solution OU BID
ii. VizooVet OU BID
e. Data collection (Day 0 and Day 14)
i. Photographs
ii. STT-1
iii. IOP
iv. TFBU
v, Fluorescein stain
vi. Data from ocular pain scoring sheet
1. Filled out by owners
C. Inclusion criteria
a. Canine patients of any age with immune-mediated keratoconjunctivitis sicca
D. Exclusion criteria
a. Sensitivity to Tacrolimus, VizooVet, or GenTeal tears.
b Neurogenic keratoconjunctivitis sicca
c. Presence of ulcerative keratitis
d. Lack of patient follow up
e. Lack of full data acquisition
1. Peruccio C. Preliminary clinical study on the efficacy of propolis/aloe vera/chamomile compounded natural eye drops. Poster presentation posted on Dioptrix VizooVet website:

We're seeing some dramatic results with blepharitis as you can see in the image above.

I will tell you that Vizoovet is unparalleled in safety.  There has never been a reaction, it doesn't sting and there are no drug interactions. The manufacturer prefers we conduct studies in pets so that's what we're doing. I'm targeting some shelters for studies next.

3 Important factors in KCS are addressed using Vizoovet. 
1. Normalizing Tear Values
2. Normalizes Osmolarity 
3. Tear film break up times to improve ocular surface health in dry eye patients
 Consistently the client's response when they come back for rechecks is Vizoovet “makes them more comfortable" they repurchase. This is a client driven product.  
Vizoovet for KCS

Vizoovet for KCS

you are treating any of the ocular surface diseases ESPECIALLY KCS you should have VIZOOVET on your shelf. I know you have a lot of products in Read More

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