The task was to create a complete visual identity for Boldnest - a new fashion retail store focusing on style for bold people. The idea was to create a simple and memorable icon which can be used for various corporate and store applications along with retail merchandises and accessories. Since the name contained some references to the feathered species, we decided to base the icon on a generic bird's head. A clear and bold typeface was chosen because Boldnest is relatively new and we wanted the name to be instilled in people's mind. Bold colors were used to create excitement and catch the attention of bold potential buyers. Style DO favor the bold!
Monotone + Reverse version.
Logo creation.
Icon creation.
Texture application.
Corporate typeface.
Corporate colors.
Stationery set.
Word pattern background graphic.
Pattern background graphic.
Price tag design.
Paper bag design.
Web homepage.
Web shop page.
Favors the bold graphics.
T-shirt graphics.
Proposed ad campaign - Greatness.
Proposed ad campaign - Fame.
Car wrap.
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