Meizu just launched its New product——Note 9, we are honored to be invited to create this official video and a 10s video for its social media; 

Started from the name "Star Blue", we created a scene with infinite starry sky and ocean, with satellite in the sky for this official video. And we combine the functions with the scenes as well.

The music is also one of the highlights of this time. We described the mood that the film wanted to express: lively, with the sense of space. And it's better to have a neutral female voice, and melody is recognizable. Our partner Echoic Audio Studio created this perfect bespoke music.
Here's another video we made for Meizu's social media, it's 10second long, fit the vertical screen and it's easy to be reposted by users on social media. we built up 2 set of scenes to visualize the super" Boost your game, enhance your shots". with tailor-made motion and music effect, this video get pretty much likes.
Meizu Note 9 | Series Official Video