The Coast is a VR music video for the eponymous track by
Montreal-based electropop band VALAIRE. 

In just under 4 minutes, The Coast takes its viewer through the upbeat landscape of an exotic island, rich in colour and lush with life to the rhythm of VALAIRE’s soundtrack. 

A novel approach to VR, it was designed to bring smiles to its viewers and to make them dance along.

Available for free


First sketches. 
Key moments of the storyboard where we navigate from the peacefulness of the early morning to the euphoria at night.

From the storyboard, we created a 2D animatic so we could properly time events to the music. 

Having nailed our timing, level design and art direction, we went ahead and positioned our final elements.  


We placed basic 3D shapes in our environment to evaluate the scales, distances and which point of view was worth working on.   

First version with Blocks (frame rate x 2)

We placed our elements and models without textures. This way we could concentrate on the movement of the camera and ensure a smooth ride in VR.

Second version with first 3D assets (frame rate x 2)

With textures and lighting

Final version (frame rate x2)


Learn more: 

The Coast | Turbulent Lab