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    Idents for MTV IDOL
Our friends at the MTV World Design Studio asked us to create a new set of idents for the French Pop channel MTV IDOL.
Excerpt from the original brief: The epic moment of transformations from something normal to an extraordinary creature, as well as super heroes or princesses in fairy tales do, music idols switched during their careers from being one of the crowd to be the one that everyone admires.

Client: MTV World Design Studio Milan
Lead Creative Direction & Production: MTV World Design Studio Milan
Production Company: Polynoid
Direction/Art Direction/Animation: Polynoid
Artists: Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Tom Weber, Fabian Pross, Csaba Letay, Marco Kowalik, Sebastian Kowalski, Sebastian Faber, Jakob Schulze Rohr, Max Stoehr, Ivan Vasiljevic, William Tirloy, Pascal Floerks, Falko Paeper, Eric Mootz
Music/Sounddesign: Michael Fakesch (michaelfakesch.com)