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    SS14 | PROJECT BRAZIL | TREND FORECASTING & LINGERIE DESIGN Here are a few excerpts from one of the projects I am currently working on: "Project… Read More
    SS14 | PROJECT BRAZIL | TREND FORECASTING & LINGERIE DESIGN Here are a few excerpts from one of the projects I am currently working on: "Project Brazil". The inspiration in this project stems from a long overdue honeymoon...to Brazil! Memories from this inspiring trip flicker through my mind daily and as such, Brazil has become my muse. Fashion illustrations for this collection will be uploaded shortly. Read Less
SS2014 | Early colour

SS2014 | Think tank | Print Graphics & Concept
SS2014 | '2000 Leagues Under the Sea ' Fashion range | 'Sea Urchin' Diffusion line 
Delicate and tangible, this feminine diffusion line reflects on mankinds’ fascination with the discoveries of the natural world. Marvelling at the shapes, forms and flitting movements of sea creatures in the underwater depths, I have designed this range to be bright and colourful, whilst supremely smooth and delicate.
SS2014 | '2000 Leagues Under the Sea ' Fashion range | 'Oyster catcher' Diffusion line 
By 2020, Brazil’s state-owned oil company, Petrobras, plans to run all offshore drilling from robotic underwater cities 6,000 feet below sea-level. Underwater hotels, restaurants and retail parks are no new concept, but what would life be like if they became an everyday reality? If humans migrated undersea, what would they take with them? This theme plays with the concept of part-migration to the underwater depths - a truly amphibious life.  
Taking inspiration from the films and design sketches of the 1950’s-60’s, this range reviews old style concepts in a fresh light. Styling takes inspiration from 1930’s - 60’s R-T-W collections and initial deepsea exploration gear. Organic structures, migrationary patterns and futuristic gadgetry all provide additional inspiration. Repetive and irregular structures, textures, movement and colours emulate the underwater world. Textiles evoke “cultured” materials, such as cellulosic leather, sea cell jersey, transparent mesh and innovative knit constructions. 
SS2014  | 'Cast-away ' Fashion range | 'Sunbleach' Diffusion line

This fashion range is characterised by female empowerment, encompassing the reactionary response to a shift in gender equality. With a celebratory focus on the female role within society, styling is sophisticated, confident and colourful.  With a glance towards 1960's style, my designs experiment with the play of fine and high-tech fabrics. Fabrics and finishes emulate a more responsible attitude towards product longevity. Where possible, current recycleables are sourced and finish treatments are minimised.  
SS2014 | 'Cast-away ' Fashion range |  'Intrepid traveller' Diffusion line 
Washed up by the sea, beaten in from the storm, sheltered by the tropics, this concept theme characterises life on the sea and land as an intrepid traveller.  Sun-bleached, partially washed and rung out, creased and torn fabrics emulate the theme of a drifter living out in the elements. Material finishes and texture draw inspiration from the shoreline. Weathered keepsakes and hand-crafted items act as items of hardwear and accesory. 
This theme is not about the conquistadors, rather the well-trod traveller that has happened upon far-flung voyages to distant shores. Short-stories by William Dampier (Can-Cans, Cats & Cities of Ash) and Mark Twain (Piracy, Turtles and Flying Foxes) have proven useful reference.