Auditorium and Camping Area
Partnership with CVDB Arquitectos
Site: Ponte de Lima, Portugal.
Year: 2010
Competition: 4th place
This competition raises two separate statements in program and place. The first is an auditorium and the second a camping area. Both are located near the small town of Ponte de Lima.
We propose the auditorium as a single volume at the side of an outdoor wooded square. The natural slope of the hill leads down to the square, which is located at a lower level than the access road. From this position we found the access to the side of the auditorium. A double height foyer that connects us with the building appears as a continuation of the square.
Location plant
Inside the foyer
Interior of the auditorium
Visitor circulation schemes
Functional scheme of the auditorium
Private circulation schemes
Spatial organization of the auditorium
Scheme showing the separation from the aquifer