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Creative Director
Principal UX/UI Designer 

Methods/Skills Used
Creative Direction
Mobile Design
Website Design
Product Design
UI / UX Design

The Challenge
I helped cofound ISBX with my long time friends and colleagues, Kelly Chu, Eric Wise and Arthur Iinuma. As the Creative Director, my challenge was to provide creative leadership to clients and the team.

The Solution
ISBX stands for Internet, Strategy, Branding and eXecution. But to me, it’s more than that. It represents a close-knit family of professionals that I’ve been a fortunate member of since long before it’s inception. 

In this redesign, we wanted to capture one of the rarest finds at a tech company you can find — a family of trusted professionals with a long history of experience that transcends just one company.

Another goal of this redesign was to feature a well structured landing page that includes all the necessary ingredients of a landing page. One of those key ingredients is the ISBX blog, home to 10+ years of industry knowledge.

ISBX has grown since its inception in 2009, and has gained a reputation for being a top mobile developer in the Los Angeles area.
In Good Company

With a brand quilt like this, few words are necessary. ISBX has worked with the biggest brands in the world to the smallest startups who could be the big brands of tomorrow. 
Brand Evolution

The ISBX logo has some history that extends way back to 2003, which always gives me pause every time the temptation arises to redesign it. It’s uncommon to choose.a serif typeface in the tech space. I chose Sabon, which I was relieved 😅recently to find that it is on the short list of Chris Do’s acceptable list of typefaces in his Typography Tutorial Video. When everyone else zigs, ZAG, right? Well I’ve seen many seasons of trend come and go, but this brand, has done good enough for us over the years with little updating. Side note, ISBX’s first incarnation in 2003 was for a satellite startup idea. In 2009, it was reinvented to be a mobile-first technology company.
Parting Thoughts

I helped grow the creative team at ISBX and am no longer as involved in the day to day design on ISBX projects, but I am still connected and provide mentorship to the team in our shared healthcare co-working space at ScaleLA.

I really like the way the latest site redesign came together, its held up for a few years now. Check out the site and also the work within. This is where I’ve spend the majority of my career from 2009 - present, which is why I haven't bothered with my personal site much during those years. That’s kind of like the barber who never gets a haircut. Probably won’t be long till the next update, can’t wait to see what the team comes up with next.

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