A Z – S T U D I O S ™                              Branding ___________ 2018/2019.                      Cairo–EGYPT.


What is more amusing than having a meal while enjoying
Frank Sinatra’s “strangers in the night”. Go back in time,
to the age of black and white …. The age of the ladies and
gents.The restaurant proposes a European cuisine with
plates from all over the continent of  Europe.

Starting from the logo, The typeface designed logo defines
the vintage theme of the venue. The fonts used showcases
the actual vintage vibe. Secondly, The logo is based on
initials to create an image that is eye-catchy and can create
a positive brand perception in the customers' minds.
The whole theme proposed focuses on the actual
vintage vibes and warm surroundings. 

Vintage Vibe is one of the pioneers in the restaurants business
With more than 30 years of fine dining experience and great business history.

The vision of the brand reflects the values of the good old times
when beauty is everywere and it is all about enjoying your time.

Vintage vibe is committed to a high standard of quality, dedication,
and customer satisfaction. An international collection of world dishes
brings you different experiences from allover the world.