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    Hypercar for 2025 ( 1 month ). 2012
Team : Christophe Jourd'hui ( design ), Maxime Dewailly ( digital design ).
The name is Getto. In Italian, it means jet as the F1 acceleration or the aircraft acceleration. Based on the accentuation of thrills. I took inspiration from simulators
To understand the idea, the visual on the right shows the car following the inertia due to its movement. As the Karver.
My conclusion is : in order to have this concept of movement, it was necessary to suspend the cockpit with a frame that goes over the roof. The cockpit is supported by jacks mounted at each corner of the triangle in order to create the desired movement.
Here on the creativity phase with different proposals.
Final sketches.
I really wanted to keep the Ferrari identity and I wanted to make reminders mystical models as the p4, 288 GTO, 250 GTO or F40.
I made a second phase in order to sketches found a real harmony.
Final side view.
3D modeling by Maxime Dewailly. Here is the result after 2 weeks of modeling.
The general attitude is reminiscent of a racing car with its two-tone carbon and red, I value the cockpit and the overall design.
You can see the recall to the P4/5 and a reminder to the F40.
In this project. I wanted to highlight the technical and history of the brand.