Ardbeg  Corryvreckan (LWMH Group) project.

Product  launch. 2009-2010

Art direction, web design e graphic design.
Client need: Ardbeg Corryvreckan product launch in Italy. Let over 400 select opinion leaders and early adopters taste the new whiskey, to promote brand awarness and engage them.

Target: adults 35-44 years.

Solution: activation of the integrated offline-online project, re-engineering the product myth to mesh it with the creative concept.

A thousand years ago the myth begins.

Project key visual.
Digital composition. Photoshop techniques.
The prince Breachan.

The viking prince Breachan fights for the right to marry a beautifiul scottish princess. Her father asks
him to prove his valor and brave the swirling waters of the Corryvreckan.

Breachan accepts the gauntlet, but the third and last night a womans treason dooms him and his ship:
while the rope that secure his ship breaks, he is swollen by the vortex.
Digital composition. Photoshop techniques.
Cailleach Beur.

The Winter Hag, Cailleach Beur, falls in love with the Prince at first sight, and gives him a poisoned gift:
he will be able to survive underwater, but only as long as he spends his eternal life with her under the sea.
Digital composition. Photoshop techniques.
The Breachan underwater prison.

Prince Breachan manages to break free of his underwater prison under the Corryvreckan.
He does so bottling the vortex and escaping in a diving dress.

Evading his pursuers, Cailleach Beur agents, he manages to finally share the bottled Corryvreckan with
a court of peers. While the guests taste the whisky, every sip helps removing the malediction.
Digital composition. Photoshop techniques.
The story continues today.

Prince Breachan manages to break free of his underwater prison under the Corryvreckan.
He does so bottling the vortex and escaping in a diving dress.

Prince Breachan manages its own Facebook profile, building his network of peers.

Telling his story.
Establishing his identity.
Socializing with other users.
Facebook Ardbeg page.
Discover the latest Ardbeg innovation: Corryvreckan, prince of Whiskies.

Promotional tone, aimed at building brand equity.
Ardbeg web site. Web design and flash animation.

Guerrilla, Viking Manhunt.

The escape of Prince Breachan didn't go unnoticed: the servants of Cailleach Beur are already
searching for him.
The diving helmet promocards on the flip side will contain links and info about the event.

Art direction and graphic design.
DEM - LVMH invites you...

The mail will invite at the event, and will create awareness about the product avaiability in Italy top venues.
Clicking will redirect to a registration page that also sports link for our other activities.
Art direction and web design.
Offline invite - LVMH invites you...

We have sent at journalists a message in an Ardbeg bottle.
The Event, the return of the Prince.

The event will take place in the wonderful environment of this historical location, which has two main areas:
- restaurant: will host the private dinner in the first part of the event and will be used as first bar option.
- cloister: will host all the legend settings and the second bar option for the entire evening.
Project credits.
Agency: IAKI
Art direction, webdesign and graphic design: Francesca Abbatantuono
Copywriter: Massimiliano degli Uberti
Social media content: Luca Sirianni
Account: Francesca Fedrizzi