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    This is my Illustration career final project. "The color of magic" based on the first book of Discworld, written by Terry Pratchett.
The Colour of Magic   
A Discworld Illustrated Story
This project is about Discworld's first book The Colour of Magic. Discworld is a fantastic universe created by the writer Terry Prattchet. This project consists in 11 illustrations (2 A3 full color, 3 20x20 full color and 6 20x20 black and white).

All the project has been done with manual techniques.
Great Turtle A'Tuin
Rincewind in the middle of a bar fight
Rincewind with the camera
Rerpf and the Trolls
The luggage
Rincewind and the wolfs
Crew and the Souleater
Rincewind in the Dragon's Cave
The End of The World
Quelonauts and the spaceship