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    A journey to discover the real Vietnam.
Một Thoáng Việt Nam - A Glimpse Of Vietnam is a cultural and historical center of Vietnam, located in the North-West of Ho Chi Minh city.
The center contains a huge number of objects that represent for Vietnam's historical dynasties, the culture of Vietnam's three main regions and Vietnam nationalities. Moreover, the center also reconstituted many traditional trade villages such as: pottery village, timber village, fishing village...
This was the first time I came here, and I was surprised so much when seeing all the most specific things of my country coming together. The center has been built for nearly 20 years. The construction faced a lot of difficulties and was interrupted many times. But thanks to the determination of the founder, an old strong woman, A Glimpse Of Vietnam is on the way to finish now.
Here is some photos I took when coming here for voluntary work. Here is my beautiful Vietnam.
The sky's so blue, the tree's so green & the road's so long that day.
This is a model of traditional country houses in the North of Vietnam. The house has earth walls, leaves roof, surrounding bamboo fence and front lotus pond.
Roof of traditional communal house with specific details.
Doors open to the garden.
Vietnamese student did volunteer work.
A bamboo little bridge crossing lotus trench. It's usually seen in the South of Vietnam.
Wharf  - a common image in the wetland of Vietnam.
The sun was rising. A new day was coming.
This is a communal house of an ethnic minority called Bana in the Vietnamese Highlands.
Communal house of the Êđê ethnic minority.
Communal house of the Êđê ethnic minority: a bridge connecting the main part and the secondary one of the house.
Shadow of a man.