Hamstar is a eco-friendly hamster food company that specializes in quality product and sustainabilty. They believe in sustainabilty as a practice & reducing waste by theory of not having waste. 
& yes I illustrated the hamster.
Hamstar hamster food bags were made with sustainability in mind. Made of recycled paper and eco friendly edible ink. These bags take on a second life as bedding, when your hamster is done with the food. Just rip up the bag and watch your little critters knaw away on it turning it into comfy zero waste bedding. 
The challenge with packaging the popcorn was it was so visually stunning, so of course I did not want to cover them up. I ended up choosing a mason jar, because it is stable & seethrough, can hold heavy product, but mostly because people don't throw away mason jars. Most save and reuse them or at least recycle them. 
These beautiful wooden chews are commonly sold in pet stores in plastic bags. UGH! Well I decided this needed to change. The design challenge was how to create packaging for these lovely specimens without using plastic o covering the wood. My solution was to use minimal biodegradeable materials, but still make an effective packaging display. 
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THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE! This is the Hamstar Home Starter Kit. The Kit includes a hamster house, glass water bottle, salts, minerals, wood chew and food. The idea behind this box/ house was to be able to buy this kit with your first hamster cage. It includes all the essentials you need to get started as a hamster owner. 
What I love about this is, when you get it, it looks like a little old school present & you get to open it, then TADA!  A nice new glass bottle padded in hamster food, so the hamster can literrally eat what would have normally been thrown away. Lastly, once all the contents of the box are empied, you just pop out the door(perforated circle) in the side of box and BAM you have a hamster house that you can stick in your hamsters cage. They will love it as it is nice dark and cozy, but also made out of sustainable chewable woods. Oh & don't forget about that circle you punched out, that's not wasted either. It turns into a wood chews for the hamster. There is virtually no waste because the box all of this came in is now used by the hamster. As you can see nothing is forgotten in this kit, your pet will truly feel like a Hamstar!
Everything up to this point was shot and photographed by me.
Reusable bedding bag, inspired by feed stores and buying in bulk it is constructed of sustainable hessian and cotton, with recycled jean. The concept is you can go back to the store with your bedding bag and refill it for a discount or reuse it however you please.
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