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Single-contrast compositions

Single Contrast Compositions
are some of the most trickiest compositions to devise, owing to the fact that, these types of illustrations not only take you to the basics, but also make sure that you can utilise all the experience and technical prowess to create stunning visuals.

Now, I do not feel that the compositions below can be described as "stunning visuals", but I do believe that these are some of the delights of single contrasts demonstrated digitally. 

The compositions have been prepared, considering combinations of the three basic shapes:
Circle, Square and Triangle.
So effectively, the compositions are a permutation of all these basic shapes used two at a time in each illustration. I repeat, Single Contrast Compositions are one of the most fundamental, yet challenging aspects of Graphic Design. Going back to the basics, all the while incorporating the skills and expertise developed with experience, is always a good idea.

 C I R C L E - C I R C L E
 C I R C L E - S Q U A R E
C I R C L E - T R I A N G L E
S Q U A R E - S Q U A R E
S Q U A R E - T R I A N G L E
T R I A N G L E - T R I A N G L E
Single-contrast compositions


Single-contrast compositions