Pieces from "Detony - A Silver Fulminate"
These pieces are my "post-works" of a short movie that we made in May 2010, "Detony - A Silver Fulminate".

The production team of the movie: Alper Yıldırım, Ege Alper, Atay İlgün, Caner Bozkurt, Aykan Alemdaroğlu.
The Cast: Alper Yıldırım, Ege Alper, Ekin Kalaycı.
Music: Atay İlgün

The story evolves in a forest. A satyr (a fox), constantly maintains and nourishes the trees. His routine will be interrupted with a visit of two nymphs inward the woods. A struggle of will to power will be occurred between the characters.
Simultaneously, in a modern family, the daughter is living the period of recognizing herself and the outer world. She pursues the identities and duties of a father, mother and sexes.
But of course as any movie started as a visual project rather than a script based or a story driven movie it's open for any personal perception based on the viewers character. At the same time it easily can be about two feral daughters creating a surreal dimension to cover up the terror.

Please watch the photographs while listening to the song - which is also a part of the soundtrack-.
"The Box (There For Your Smile Remix)"
Composed by Atay İlgün,
Copyright under Mrsvee Recordings - 2010
PS: We are waiting for the response towards our submission from Sundance Film Festival, after that i will upload the movie.