corporate blog
as we positioned softtech as a leading technology company, we decided on the need for a corporate blog that would consolidate it. thus we created a technology blog. we created a separate site with a domain of its own instead of a blog located at the bottom of the main website.
blog from the future

on we examine how technology will change our lives in the future. we deliver science and technology news including artificial intelligence, robotics, 3d printing, big data, space research and many more to the followers.
posters from the future

as rose from softtech, we wanted to announce it to softtech employees first. we held a surprise launch event. creating futuristic posters (such as job advert for time machine engineer and bring your robotic dog to work) wanted to make them feel they were in future.
calendar from the future

in order to make softtech employees feel as if they were in future, we also designed custom calendars and handed out to each of them. the days and months were equivalent to 2018 but we changed the year as 2057.

brand: softtech
agency: insprad
creative team: selin çolak, murat miroğlu 
editorial: berk toparlak, melih bilgin, ali uçak, burak kılınç
brand manager: emre dalkıran corporate blog