Russian National Museum of Music

ZOLOTOgroup has created the new visual identity for the Russian National Museum of Music. The aim of newly renovated museum was to expand the audience by attracting both professional musician and music lovers and create a new innovative space to bring different audiences together. The new recognisable identity of museum had to play the leading role in this process. 

The playful structure of new logo allows to read the name in both horizontal and diagonal directions. The essential principle in redesigning visual identity was the transition of musical language into graphics. In our way to synthesis of visual and acoustic elements we appealed to the prominent artworks, such as color music of Alexander Skryabin or synthetic play Yellow Sound by Vasily Kandinsky. 

A special program that generates a unique pattern based on fundamental musical parameters (time and pitch) was developed. Any composition – Beethoven's piano sonata or Messiaen's vocalise – thus can be transformed into graphic form. This unique pattern is translated to posters and souvenir items. The main aesthetic principle for the layout lies in a strictly defined interaction of forms and counter-forms, sound and pause. Considering the large network of museum branches, we underlined the unique image of each and designed the colour coding, which is also implies the contrast and dialogue of gradations.

Art Direction: Andrey Trukhan
Digital: Anton Bodryashkin

Russian National Museum of Music
Multiple Owners
ZOLOTO group