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    This is the latest article from SABS Design Institute site http://www.sabs.designsa.org.za

Design can do so much for social and environmental change
So, how many times have you been consumed by a conversation where it is so evident that your present company of ‘others’ fails to understand the invaluable impact that design has on their everyday life? How many times have you ground your teeth or bitten your tongue because you had to endure comments like "design is only for the elite"; "design is frivolous"; and "design cannot benefit society"; "design has no link to innovation, technology, science or the development of entrepreneurial skills"; and my ultimate favourite: "design has no theoretical content or academic value," until you finally lose your cool.

If conventional ways are not working in your place of work or living, why not embrace a new way of thinking? Read the full article
"Design Can Do is a social design organisation and workshop set up with a can-do attitude to tackle current social issues around the world with an interdisciplinary and international team of professionals" explain co-founders Jiwon Park and Yoon Bahk.

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Rock City Foundation, in collaboration with Cape Town Partnership, is currently exploring the implementation of the outcomes of this event in The Fringe. For more information about Design Can Do please visit www.designcando.org