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DE&DE/Fusion apartment
Fusion apartment

Apartment is located on a fancy area in the very centre of Saint-Petersburg.
Estetics of a fusion style dominates the whole interior design, skillfully mixing minimalism with elements of classics and art deco.
Thoughtful space planning made it possible to organize spacious kitchen –living room area, two bedrooms and bathrooms, three wardrobes and a laundry room.
The walls of the living area are decorated with classic ctucco squares together with modern ceramic panels and decorative plaster. Minimalistic kitchen lives in peace with art deco Longhi chairs as well as the Saba sofa combines with art deco coffee tables. Exquisite pendants by Itallamp are mixed with minimalist track spots.
Bedroom is implemented via asymmetric composition where classic stucco on the ceiling and walls harmonized with modern ceramic wall panels. Stylish art deco brass lamps emphasize the concept of asymmetry.
Asymmetry cuts across the interior of teenagers’ bedroom as well. Creatively painted classic walls mixed up with minimalist light and furniture.
Bathrooms design is based on contrast textures combination and different light scenarios.
In the interior design of this apartment such brands as B&B Italia, Minotti, Longhi, Saba and Poltrona frau were used. Lighting is presented by Itallamp, Centsvet and Artemide brands.
DE&DE/Fusion apartment