"Headlands" Sydney 2012 Sydney Landscape on paper.
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    Commission for entry area of surgery
"HEADLANDS" Kingsford, Sydney 2012
Originally commissioned by architect Georgina Wilson, the brief was to create an artwork for the front foyer of the Sydney Eye Specialist Centre's new surgery facilities.
The concept from the clients was to create a building in which science art and architecture could come together to create a new experience in medical practice. 
The artwork became about holding the substantial space of the front foyer and waiting room, creating a focal point for clients and patients across the large surface of entry wall. 
The solution was to engage the space through a series of lines, creating a rhythm of visual and quiet reflection. 
The work is about the journey we experience when we move through a given space in nature, whether factual or in recollection and is therefore none specific but rather suggestive.
The work was installed in September 2012.
Willow charcoal on 600gsm paper (100x720 cm.)
Images kindly lent by Murray Fredericks ©