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    How and why we do the selection of projects to be showcased on the Behance Gallery and the Served Sites.

The Behance curation consists in the selection of projects to be showcased on the Behance gallery and the industry-specific Served Sites. In order to do this our team reviews every single featureable project uploaded to Behance. We look at thousands of projects every day and select them for more than 60 different categories and creative fields including the Behance gallery, the existing Served Sites, and future ones. Each of these selections is then reviewed again and arranged independently, and continuously, to make the best possible showcase of all the work uploaded to the network by Behance members.

The editorial direction that this selection follows addresses a clear list of goals for the galleries: to promote the work of Behance members, to attract both new members to the network and visitors to the sites, and finally to educate members on how to present their work by showcasing the best examples. According to these objectives, our galleries are a mix of the highest quality work, the most popular in views and appreciations, and the best presented in terms of communication, aesthetics, and professionalism.
A project featured at Behance results in thousands of views and translates into contract work, job offers, sales, and in some cases, becomes a life-changing experience. The Behance curation team takes this power as a serious responsibility. In addition to the promise of impartiality, fairness, and objectiveness in the selection, we established a series of rules such as not to feature a member more than once a week across the galleries, not to feature projects with less than 3 images, and not to feature projects “as portfolios” but ones with a single and clear concept, for example, an identity for a company, a photographic documentary, or an art exhibition.

As Behance wants to reach all the fields in the creative industry, we also established a formula for the network gallery to feature as many different fields as possible, always limited by the level of quality on the site and by the existing work available. In that sense we consider ourselves more editors than curators as we try to show the best that has been published, and presented as it is, on the Behance network.

Curation has been crucial in the strategy of Behance as a social medium since its creation, not only as a form of promotion of the site and its network members, but also as a defense of meritocracy in the professional creative industries. At a time when knowledge has been relegated as secondary in favor of information, we want to be the memory, the perspective that transforms information, in the form of projects, into knowledge, as a resource for both creatives and their industries.