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    Clothing company owned by me
IndustrialStrange \ Clothing for a noisy generation.
Company founded by me.

Born in the 2006,  produces t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and accessories for the clubbers target.
in italy I.S. is leader on this target segment and the brand awareness is growing up constantly
also because the brand is sponsor and partner of big electronic italian events and some of the most important techno djs and labels. Actually is distribuited in 55 point of sale in Italy and on a famous on-line dj shop all over europe. The marketing and communication approach is based quite totally on the internet 2.0 paltform:
facebook, myspace, youtube and twitter.
Official links

Viral commercial on ForClubbersOnly positioning
Viral commercial for the WinterCollection 2010
New Collection print page \ DJ MAG
Social Adv for a responsible clubbing
Poster for store opening \ 2006
Poster for store opening \ 2006

Radio Commercial \ Social ADV for a ResponsibleClubbing
Kill your toys \ Summer Collection 2010
Istitutional campaign 2009
Positioning commercial \ 2009
First campaign 2006
Internet site 2009 \ pre home
Positionin campaign 2006
photo & post by Enrico Caputo + Mattia Balsamini