The goal was to develop a brand positioning, name and visual identity for a new internet project on streaming television-content.

The brands target audience is people ranging from 25 to 40 years of age. They live active lives, are in to new technology, have a wide range of interests, well educated, and are able to laugh at themselves. This brand is being positioned not just as web-TV, but as a fundamentally new way of watching television. Being able to decide what you want to watch and when is exactly what freedom of choice is all about; this is none other than Personal TV.

Our brand has a good sense of humor and is able to take a joke. Zoomby is a sarcastic name that makes fun of people stuck to their television screens like zoombies. Eyes, a symbol of something alive, natural, on the move and ever changing, are the chief element of the brands visual identity.
Project by Plenum

Brand consultant Dmitri Kozlov
Project manager Tanya Haritonova
Brand analyst Katerina Palshina
Art director Egor Myznik
Designer Elena Bean
Copywriter Nadya Yurinova
Photograph Sergey Tumanov
Compositing Konstantin Anufriev