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The independent business daily RBC was first published in 2006. The newspaper changed in 2019. The old format of longreads was very cumbersome; the texts have now become shorter and more varied. A new design – modern, dynamic, and rich in contrast – was conceived to accompany these changes.

A major newspaper cannot completely change overnight. We’ve retained the familiar format of the newspaper – the logo, the colors, and the typefaces. But the publication has changed inside: the grid has become freer, and there is now more space and a new reading pace.

Being a daily newspaper means work within very tight deadlines. We have therefore developed a system of templates that can be adapted for new texts or combined with one another.

RBC’s company typefaces are Graphik and Kazimir Text. Each has a special use in the newspaper: Graphik is used as the main text typeface, while offset or accented elements use Kazimir.

We varied the newspaper’s compositional possibilities and made the grid flexible. In addition to the classic five-column design there is now the possibility of breaking columns into two parts, allowing for an interruption in the rhythm and adding additional space to the column.

Front Pages
One of the most important new features is a versatile front page, without the traditional massive blocks of text. The new design includes poster-style front pages, as well as front pages with a typographic design. The classic newspaper front page can also be used if it is the best way to illustrate the material’s them

Page spreads
One of the aims of the redesign was to create an understandable and easy-to-use system of templates. The editorial board limited the number of possible categories of material, and each one received its own design. In addition to columns, the newspaper also includes Q&A, features, interviews, profiles, and photo spreads.

Project team
Designer/Art Direction: Svyat Vishnyakov and Nastya Vishnyakovа
Co-Directors of RBC’s Joint Editorial Board: Igor Trosnikov, Yelizaveta Golikova
Head of the Design Department: Yevgenia Datsko
Marketing Director: Andrey Sikorsky
Typefaces: Yury Ostromentsky, Ilya Ruderman, Christian Schwartz

Video: Dmitry Rodionov
Music: Jan Amit
Website Layout: Alexander Bridyukov

Special thanks: Dmitry Lovyagin, Maksim Vasyukov, Aleksandr Bogomolov, Yulia Sapronova, 
Igor Klimov, Nikita Ventskovsky, Kristina Smirnova

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RBC newspaper
Multiple Owners
svyat vishnyakov

RBC newspaper

RBC is an independent Russian daily newspaper with the circulation 80 000 per day. RBC newspaper is well known for it’s deep economic, political Read More