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    Packaging for thermoactive underwear made from polypropylene.
ESC is a brand and packaging solution for thermo underwear.
ESC links the well-known computer keyboard abbreviation "escape," with the product.  The branding associates the product with escape!  From work, the city and everyday life - escape to the countryside.

ESC package is for transporting and storing thermo-active clothing.
The packaging method reduces the volume of clothing and allowing for more efficient packing of rucksacks and at the same time maximises opportunities stylish point of display. 
It also allows creates a method of ordered access to articles of clothing when unpacking your backpack or tent -  putting everything in its right place.  The ESC velcro system allows you to stack and pack your clothing in a way that suits your personal needs.
The ESC system operates best  when you have limited space -  providing a velcro solution enables you to pack large and small items together to form the tightest fit.
The ESC Velcro system also allows you to separate clothing items in an environmentally safe solution also solving the health problems of shortage of space when packing dirty and clean clothing in the same rucksack.

The Velcro ESC system makes it possible for sales teams to set packaging neatly on the shelves and allowing them to build innovative display structures that will attract buyer’s attention.
ESC’s unique point of sale technique encourages return buyers to buy additional items that a compatible with the same velcro system.
We manufacture in polypropylene because of the mechanical properties, light weight and ecologic values - in extreme situations packaging can be used for collecting and transporting water.