Immersive digital experience - Electro Sonda

You had to hold spacebar on screen to enter first time project. Video was played. See below.

Welcome screen.

Project navigation on home screen. You have to use combination of shortcuts to access artis descriptions on first screen.

Inside you could explore teasers of artist. Like shown below Zamilska or Rysy! Videos were integrated with project design. 

When you filled your personal data, you saw count down to next episode.  After that you received another email when next part was ready for you. 

Stage 1.
After some time, you received email that next stage is ready. You saw initial video and screen was frozen.

At this quest you have to prove that you know showed artist well. On the screen
appeared link, then you had to grab your phone and unlock the screen with providing proper song lyrics in showed gaps. When You did it - then you saw part of video and another email was send.

As the reward - you saw part of the video. See below.

Stage 2.
At this stage you saw the initial video. Which looks like that (below)

And screen have frozen. You had to turn on webcam, grab the pen and repeat shapes which you saw on the screen. Every time you did it, the arm moved correctly. 

As the reward you again saw another part of video. See below.

Stage 3.
At this stage you had another time to synchronize mobile phone and desktop screen. Your task was to repeat lights on the phone as you can see them on screen.

After this stage you received secret message about that, where You can see movie premiere.

We received quite a lot of mentions about this project and electronic music fans were more than happy about that kind of promotion. We tried to engage user from the very beginning and make him to become part of this world what was done vey well.

It was big technology challenge to provide all assets well working and use this multi device solutions.

All parts of videos are copyrighted (C) and belong to Tomasz Knittel.
You can collect movie details here
All graphical, technology solutions are done by Huee.

Immersive digital experience - Electro Sonda

Immersive digital experience - Electro Sonda

Immersive digital experience to promote movie about electronic music in Poland.


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