RUSH Motorcycle Brand
RUSH Motorcycle Brand Development
An experimental project developed within the course of Design Management in the University of the Aegean, curated by our professor Danos Papadopoulos. A group project by Vasilakis Kostas , Damas Ilias , Patronis Sotiris & Syrmis John.
Aim of the project was to analyze the brand of HARLEY-DAVIDSON , find its core values, strategy and target group and design a new series of motorcycles , within a new subsidiary brand with the same value but characterized of less powerful engines and smaller sizes.
Harley Davidson Logo Evolution & Present Logo
Harley Davidson Values
The core values of Harley-Davidson brand : Freedom ,Power , Individuality , Pack , Tradition . A really strong cocktail of significant values.

Tell the Truth.
Be Fair.
Keep Your Promises.
Respect the Individual.
Encourage Intellectual Curiosity
Riders Mood board
Emblems - Symbols
Popular Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Models
Competitor Analysis
In this part we analysed the main competitors of the brand. Brands like BMW , TRIUMPH , NORTON and others.
Strategic Proposal
Design of a Harley-Davidson subsidiary brand. Concerning the motorcycle models , this means downgrading displacement from high cubic capacity engines to smaller.This was concerned appropriate for the following reasons:

Use from younger drivers
Fuel economy 
Lower maintenance cost
Lower cost of use and lower manufacturing costs
Lower purchase costs 

This type of strategy has been successfully used by mostly Japanese manufacturers (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki) whose products remain similar but not as authentic as a Harley Davidson.
Βιασύνη          rush, hurry, haste, precipitation
Ορμή               momentum,  impetus, urge ,brunt ,rush , vehemence
Βία                   violence, force , rush , constraint, expedition , precipitance

Ορμώ              rush, hurdle , bolt , bart  , dash , slat
Σπεύδω          haste, hasten, rush , scurry , hurry , hie
RUSH - Target Group Determination
RUSH - Competitor Analysis
Color Selection,Logo Design &  Brand Development
Motorcycle Model Requirements
Be economical for city traffic
Be safe in the city in the event of an accident
Be comfortable 
Respond to a level of flexibility within the city
Storage space feature
Freedom of technical and aesthetic conversion (customization) 
Low maintenance costs
Use frames for motorcycles and not for scooters in constructionPrice affordable to economically weaker groups 
Design influence coming from the early Harley Davidson models
Design Guidelines​​​​​​​
Single-cylinder engine
Influence of the original models on design of the engine
Use of fuel-saving technologies
4 stroke engine
Automatic gear selection or not (automatic or use of clutch)
Compatibility with international safety regulations
Increased protection in the event of collision
Small external storage volume (minimum for a 17 ' laptop ) 
Use of Harley traditional technology and know-how
Simple design - quality and inexpensive materials 
Limited use of plastic material
Wheels of relatively large diameter
Concepts Development​​​​​​​
The concepts should demonstrate the following characteristics: Exploiting the empty space under the saddle and the storage tank Lateral suitcases that reach until the height of the wheel shaft.
Small front apron to prevent riders from getting dirty.
Smooth lines combined with modern edges.
Modern elements
Concept 1
Concept 2
Credits to Chief Engineer Dimitris Vasilakis for the useful advice and help.
RUSH Motorcycle Brand

RUSH Motorcycle Brand