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    Few screenshots of the Passenger aka Fabio "FABU" Pires interview published in Public Action magazine 2/2013. THE PUBLIC ACTION No 2 "Friendship… Read More
    Few screenshots of the Passenger aka Fabio "FABU" Pires interview published in Public Action magazine 2/2013. THE PUBLIC ACTION No 2 "Friendship" Issue came out on Saint Valentine's Day in cooperation with Design Forum Finland. And it's all about Friendship in its various manifestations: passion, love, gender and art. This great visual journalism package is available on free download from the Apple Newsstand. Our Friendship issue was published exclusively for iPad to reach a wider international audience via an English-language edition This issue is inspired by Virginia Woolf's autobiographical novel "Orlando" (1928), considered by many the world's longest love letter and declaration of friendship. The main character Orlando lives for over 200 years both as a man and as a woman, forever seeking the answer to that eternal question: "Who am I?" The “Friendship” Edition orchestrates a variety of people, events, ideas and statements into one prime concept. From this iPad publishing platform the magazine can offer an innovative mix of content, video material and animation. Yet again we ask: "Who are We?” The journal's goal is to launch a positive discussion in the here and now of the very basis of this universal concern. PUBLIC ACTION was established in 2012 as a new social contribution, a visually rich non-profit project, combining print content and art imagery, appearing on iPad as well as blog-based website. PUBLIC ACTION calls into question the conventional way of responding to issues by confronting social themes through art, design, and the visual culture. And what is the PUBLIC ACTION credo? "Think. Join. Help.” PUBLIC ACTION project was started by Editor in Chief and Creative Director Tiina Alvesalo. A decade ago Alveselo memorably established the PÀP "style bible", which was distributed in 24 countries worldwide. Last year Alvesalo directed the Artek Manifest Magazine. Alvesalo has worked in leading domestic and international media, in stock design, fashion, jewelry, watch technology and food industry projects. The PUBLIC ACTION project is produced by the "Godfather of Youth Culture" Mikko Kaukonen and Hook Up Ltd, which produces the Helsinki Kids Festival, in addition to a variety of skate and snowboarding events. In early 2013 a new member joined the group, Aleksi Seppo, who is an urban media specialist, and who will correspond with the producer and editor-in-chief in the acquisition of new partners. Read Less
Download the free iPad magazine here and read the whole feature!