The Bondmaid (opening titles)

Opening titles for series the Bondmaid for TV Channel STB. 

The idea to use the image of an ancient fragile statue came to us at a meeting with the producer of the show Tala.
We did some scetches and tests and then came with concept of the opening titles.

The core of the idea is to show the duality of that time, where the blood and sufferings of the simple people of serfs were hidden behind the expensive life.

First drafts of idea



Chief Designer: Dmytro Litvinenko
Art Director: Alexander Ryazanov
Producer: Lilya Zhyrko, Natalia Nikiforova
Idea: Dmytro Litvinenko, Volodimir Bochko, Andrew Gorlov, Tala Onischuk
Concept design: Tatiana Gosteva-Govorova
Modeling: Artem Lebedev, Alexander Ryazanov
Logo: Natalia Postna, Julia Kotsuba, Volodimir Bochko
R'n'D: Juriy Oleshko, Alexander Ryazanov
Animation: Alexander Ryazanov, Evgene Kalashnikov
Compositing: Alexander Ryazanov, Evgene Kalashnikov

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The Bondmaid (opening titles)