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    6 years of bunny love
Bunny invaders, set of earrings. 
Since Easter is so near, I found myself thinking again of how much I like bunnies, although not the fluffy, cuddly plush version as much as the postential of a fierce animal, like the one at "Monty Python and the holly grail". Here is a collection of some of the  3 dimentional bunnies I made since 2006 until 2012. For a period of my life I used to carry a bunny mask in my bag, with whitch I would pose on various occasions, so I have included photos with this subject too. Enjoy. 
Bunnycorn- crochet bag
Bunny-the brooch
Bunny-the necklace
Bunny eats noodles-hindside
Bunny eats noodles-front
A very fierce bunny (the mask is from IKEA)
A very fierce bunny- self-portrait (the mask is from IKEA)
A very fierce bunny- family photograph (the mask is from IKEA)
The bunnylator- ragdoll
The Bunnylator-ragdoll
A very fierce Bunny- from my family photos (the mask is from IKEA)
Poster for a solo show- by acrocosm
The tooth-Bunny- ragdoll
The tooth-Bunny- ragdoll
Bunnies & Dolls
Inflatable Bunny/dog
Sort of retarted multi-animal- finger doll