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    free work chemical reaction still with varnish
free project-chemical reaction with varnish.
The series "Reaction Still" by Sebastian Autenrieth exceeds the boundaries of photography to art objects. Appearing in the strongly reduced palette, seemingly abstract photographs are based on concrete objects, which Autenrieth constructed of varnish and of layered acetate.
By a chemical reaction occur in the long term changing, not to be controlled, transparent (light) ornaments. The material "does the work" of the process of image formation and leads to a certain visual aesthetic by the random.
Autenrieth holds several phases of the chemical reaction with the camera and presents them in a larger format. He does not aspire to objective reality imaging. Instead, he surprises the recipient with the illusion of alien worlds.
The movement of the work process is stopped and held in individual recordings. By re-assembly of a series of time and temporality are integrated into the photographic image. It is a game of deception between high-resolution, documentary photography and a picturesque building work.