"Sync Your Life"
The new motto of TUKCOM IT Mall.
They renovated their life after theirs 10 years of history.
The biggest 'IT Mall' of Thailand's Eastern.
The big step to a new challenge.
“Sync” : Synchronize all the things in the world to your hands.
But isn’t its a good way of development?
Less thought, less conversation, less relax, less big hug? 
Ouch! Did we spent too little time on our real life?
,Maybe wrong way. . .
“Your” : Your Gadgets, Your ways.
Nowadays everyone have at lease one gadgets. Since we got our ones, they changes our lives.
Comfortable, portable, fasten your way of working. Now does it become a part of ours body?
Which way to handle it?
“Life” : Our life, its so simple. Cause we are natural.
Life is so simple. Did we need smartphone to facetime with our far far away daddy if we can run to give thier a big hug.
Kiss him and dinner with him everyday. Life is so simple, but we are making it’s so complicated. 
Back to the basic, ‘Default’ our world.