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The 2080's "Past is the future"

Music Packaging
The 2080s "Past is the Future"

Imagine how your current favorite singers would look like in a 80s version.

This is a project inspired in a time that I love 'The 80s',
also in the retro design of LP covers. I included funny tittles for each album.

Here the result. Enjoy!
Justin Bieber "Long live my mustache"
Rihanna "Bye Music, Hi Makeup!"
Jack Ü : Diplo x Skrillex "Reconciliation"
Bruno Mars "Born in the wrong decade"
Steve Aoki "The Kangaroo Man"
The Weeknd "I Never Forgot My Ex"
Dua Lipa "I'm sexy, talented and you know it"
Childish Gambino "The Strange Case of Dr. Glover and Mr. Gambino"
Chris Brown "Between Dance and Pyramids"
Camila Cabello "Banana Guantanamera"
Dj Khaled "Father Of Asahd"
Drake "El Papi"
Taylor Swift "Becoming millionaire with every breakup"
Kendrick Lamar "If Dre is for me who can be against me?"
Cardi B "Rebel with a cause"
Selena Gomez "Be my date, then breakup and after you will find the love of your life"
Beyonce "Learn how to choose husbands"
Migos "The Black Beatles"
The 2080's "Past is the future"

The 2080's "Past is the future"

Current singers in 80s LP covers version