Tragedy of one night

In 26 February 1992 , hundreds of civilians of Azerbaijani ethnic origin were reportedly killed, wounded or taken hostage, during their attempt to flee the captured town, by Armenian fighters attacking the town.
This bloody tragedy, which became known as the Khojaly genocide, involved the extermination or capture of the thousands of Azerbaijanis;
In all, the assault and capture of the town took the lives of 613 of its people, including 106 women, 63 children and 70 elderly. 1275 were taken hostage, while the fate of another 150 people remains unknown. The town was razed to the ground. In the course of that tragic night 487 inhabitants of Khojaly were wounded, including 76 children; eight families were completely wiped out; 130 children lost one parent; and 25 children lost both parents.

Yellow Bride (Sarı Gəlin) Azerbaijan national song.
It was a cold winter night...........................
Armenia is still occupying 20% of Azerbaijan's internationally recognized territory including the region of nagorno-karabakh and seven surrounding districts.