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Riots on Manezh Square in 2010.
Manezh Square gathered about 5,000 people at a rally dedicated to the death of fans of  "Spartak Moscow FC" Yegor Sviridov. A young man was killed during a fight that took place December 6, 2010 between football fans and a group of people from the North Caucasus.
Law enforcement in the investigation of the murder were perceived by society as concealment of suspects, which triggered the protests.
The participants of the rally chanted: "Russian, forward", "One for all and all for one", and shouted nationalist slogans. Passersby of non-Slavic appearance passed by massively beaten. Police in the area was at first very small, and she could not do anything with the aggressive crowd. The policemen were trying to "save" the victims of beatings, but due to their small number were able to repel and not all at once.

Rally on Manezh escalated into clashes with police. The riots affected more than 10 people. Several fans were arrested. After the riots occurred a series of mass demonstrations and street clashes with indigenous people from the Caucasus republics in Russian cities.