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    Rectified Structure
The work „Strukturbereinigt“ (Rectified Structure) presents scenes from the Nueremberg area positioned adjacently in a fragmented manner. The photographer Sebastian Authenrieth spent one year observing the development of nature under the influence of mankind. His large-scale pictures depict moods taken at varying times of the day and year. The deformation of nature by man is always in the foreground.
The cycle begins in winter – the viewer looks upon an acre covered in frost which, by means of an increasing blur, dissolves into horizontal patterns. Parts of the landscape, devoid of people, are strung together in a still and rhythmic fashion. As a result, the landscape seems to transform into colour and line. The extracts show the continuation throughout a year. This lays emphasis on the aspect of time that is inherent in the medium photography. Even so, the pictures are not arranged chronologically and could be rearranged endlessly and randomly which creates an impression of infinity. Authenrieths photography display the alienation of man and nature.
limited edition
C-Type on  Wood 140cm x 85cm
Limited edition
 C-Type on  Wood  85cm x 51,6cm