Nokia || Be The Gift

Nokia || Be The Gift

Parents live for their children. Watching them grow into adulthood
 and leave their home behind is always a bittersweet experience. 
For the 2018 holiday season, Nokia wanted to remind both parents 
and children that family is forever, no matter what life brings.

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, have been working with Nucco Brain’s 
creative studio to build content for their social channels. We were 
challenged to build a social campaign to carry the torch of Christmas 2017’s 
#BeTheGift campaign into a new year.

Our team set to work creating an evergreen live-action advertisement, in the 
spirit of the original campaign. With a limited budget and the holiday season 
rapidly drawing nearer, the pressure was on. We were able to conceptualise 
the film, write the script, cast the characters, shoot on-location and release 
the campaign within these parameters. Considering the time and budget 
limitations we were under, our creative studio told a beautiful story, shot 
with warmth and empathy, and can now offer stunning live-action social 
content for our clients.

To accompany the content release, we proposed a competition that would 
action our message in the real world. We asked Nokia fans to tell us about 
a special or meaningful person in their lives; someone they would love to be 
the gift for. We then did our utmost to bring them together, through travel 
tickets or other means. After all, Nokia phones facilitate human connections, 
but they don’t replace them.

Our story won an AVA Digital Platinum Award and reached half a million 
people on Facebook alone, with almost 130,000 high-quality video 
views and a strong emotional response from fans. HMD Global was 
extremely pleased with the campaign, especially given the tight budgetary 
and time constraints. Many of our team even called their 
parents shortly after watching it!

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Director - Aaron Trinder
Creative Directors - Ceren Yuksek, Neel Sood and Laurence Kite
Producer - Giulia Demont
Script - Neel Sood
Nokia || Be The Gift

Nokia || Be The Gift

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, have been working with Nucco Brain’s creative studio to build content for their social channels. We were ch Read More

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