Wayfinding system
in OKNOPLAST headquarters (Ochmanów, Poland)

The OKNOPLAST Group, a leading European PVC window manufacturer, opened its new headquarters in Ochmanów (Poland) in 2018. 
The newly opened, unique office building has become a link between the two existing buildings, together with which they form a magical, representative seat of the company.

The customer wanted the signage of the new building to reflect a new chapter in the company's history. Our task as wayfinding designers was to adapt to the minimalist, bright interiors of the building. We decided to design a set of simple carriers whose main characteristic feature was a three-dimensional square (taken from the Oknoplast logotype), appearing, for example, as an element linking the plaque or emphasizing more important information. In order to develop the graphic language of our system, we also decided to prepare a unique set of linear pictograms. Thanks to these efforts we managed to create a coherent image of the building. A very interesting experience was also the ability to adapt our solutions to the floor of the building where the company's bosses' offices are located - it is significantly different from other spaces and our system had to reflect this difference. Despite the differences in construction materials, we managed to maintain the uniformity of signage.​​​​​​​

Creative directors: Bartłomiej Witański, Aleksandra Krupa
Designers: Bartłomiej Witański, Aleksandra Krupa, Weronika Mehr, Adrianna Sowińska
Photography: Michał Jędrzejowski

Year: 2018

Wayfinding system for OKNOPLAST headquarters