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A Sky Full of Lanterns
A Sky Full of Lanterns
Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival 
Lantern festivals take place throughout Taiwan just after Lunar New Year but the one in Pingxi (平溪), a remote mountain village in the northeast of Taiwan, is a very special one: Illuminated lanterns are released into the sky in big crowds and create a stunning atmosphere. Wishes that are written on the lanterns are thought to come true (if the lantern doesn't drop down too early and sets a tent in fire). The festival takes place on three dates a year and is visited by many tourists. In earlier days the lanterns were used to warn the neighboring villages from raids but nowadays it is accompanied by concerts and night markets.
Mass releases are scheduled every 20 - 30 minutes
Lanterns light up the sky
The main square in the village of Shifen (Pingxi District) is crowded with people (and photographers)
Individual lanterns can be purchased in Shifen Old Street
Even during Lantern Festival, there are trains approaching on the tracks!
Between the lantern releases, there are small concerts taking place
If your lantern gets down to the ground too quickly, your wishes might not come true
A sky full of lanterns
You have the chance to write your wishes on the lantern before it is released
At Shifen Old Street
Local residents are busy extinguishing lanterns that fell from the sky early
A Sky Full of Lanterns


A Sky Full of Lanterns

A night at Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival 2019